Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello peeps!!!! Guess who is starting for the Browns tonight!!!!!! Not that stupid, ugly, has-been quarterback Derek Anderson!!! But....his initals are....BQ!!!! YES PEOPLE! THE AWESOME AND SWEET!....BRADY QUINN!!!!!!! We are sooooo gonna win!!! BQ is AWESOME!!!! Broncos suck!!!! Go BROWNIES!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sorry fans!!!!!!

Sorry to all my awesome fans out there about nott posting for the LONGEST time...but I have been EXTRA busy!!!! O and I'm sorry for myself and all the die-hard Indians fans out there!! There probably isn't a lot of you anymore!!!! But let's look on the brightside!.....THE BROWNS BEAT THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS FROM LAST YEAR!!!...THE DREADED NEW YORK GIANTS!!! I was very surprised and I'm sure everyone else in the WHOLE wide world was when they saw the final score of the Browns and Giants game. I don't even remember!! I wanna say 30 something to not even 20 something. I was like....HAHA ELI!!!!! Loser!!!!! Loser!!!!! hahaha!!!!! I'm evil!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indians - We stink!

Sorry fans! I can't remember the last time I was on! June 2nd? But hey, who's keepin track? Anyway, I must comment about the Indians so far this year. THEY STINK!!! Everytime I watch them on T.V., they're losing!!! What happened to that team that won like 96 games last year?! Our hitting is terrible, our pitching bad, wand that's about it! I don't even know what happened to JoBo, our closer. Is he hurt or something?! We've got some new pitchers in the starting rotation. Ummm....Jeremy Sowers, Cliff Lee, who is like 10 and whatever this year! Too bad Cliff's team is TERRIBLE!!! Who else?! Whatever....C.C. our Cy Young award winner has a couple wins!!!!! That's it! The only good hitter in the line-up is my man Grady Sizemore! He has 17 homeruns this season!!!! That's like 2nd in the AL!!!! I forget who's first. I use to be SO into the Indians (when they were winning) and now......I don't really care! It's very sad. Anyway, our hitters have to go to the batting cages or something! It's sickening to watch how bad they are hitting right now!! Some Indians fanatic I am! I still say "GO INDIANS!!!" though.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Indians record - ? - ?

I don't even know what the Indians record is anymore! They win, they lose, they lose, they lose, they win, they lose, they lose, they lose....blah, blah, blah! I know I may sound like I'm not an Indians fan anymore, but, we can't hit this year! Yeah, Grady has 11 HOME RUNS this year, but, Victor...who's hitting like .292 or whatever....doesn't have a SINGLE HOME RUN this year! And Andy Marte is hitting like .169 and Travis is hitting like .087!!! AND Ben Francisco is the ONLY guy who is hitting above .300! AND everyone else is below .300!! IF WE ONLY HAVE 1 GUY WHO IS HITTING ABOVE .300.....WE'VE GOT PROBLEMS!! Sigh! I guess things can only get better! Right?! RIGHT?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indians win! - FINALLY!!

WOOO! We FINALLY won!! 8 -2!!!! WOOOO!!!!! We are beastly! I don't know how we ever lost to the White Sox!!!! They played terrible!!!! How many errors?! Like 5?! HaHaHa! Guti hit a grande slameroony in the first inning!!! Oh yeah! Guess what! Travis Hafner misssed his second straight game because of a sore shoulder! Maybe THAT'S why he's been hitting so BADLY!!! Nah. Anyway! I'm just so happy we FINALLY WON!! And then....the game today..the game that started at 12.....we lost. Yeah....I can they lose to this team!??!!?!?!?!?! I saw we had a 2 - 0 lead in the 2nd inning! WHO PITCHED TODAY!!??!!??!? Whatever...maybe it's time they have a practice JUST for hitting! Just maybe! Which brings me to my poll question....Will the Indians be able to make a comeback from their drought?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This last couple of days poll! - ? I told ALL my fans before! I was watching, Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? and I thought one of the questions would be good for you all! But only one person decided to actually DO the poll! The question was.....True or False....The Sun is the only star in our solar system. ONE person said False! And that was it! Are you ready to find out the answer?! I said....ARE YOU READY?! Okay....the answer is.....TRUE! No, I'm not lying! The stars that you see in the night sky are stars from OTHER solar systems! See why I wanted to put that question on my blog?! HaHaHa!!! I'm running out of ideas for polls!

Indians - What are they doing?!

Okay....seriously! What is up with the Indians right now!??!!?!?! They are playing TERRIBLE baseball!!! We're supposed to be playing BEASTLY baseball!!! GRRR!!! I guess they have to get out of their slump some time!!!! Or we could be like the Devil Rays last year and they could end up like us! I know they won't go ALL the way because they aren't good enough!! We have to get passed the Cavs! They're, unfortunately, over! BUT we have to get on with our lives! Now, we have move on with the Indians! Except they SUCK this year! Whgat if it's up to the Browns?! Hey....they could make it into the playoffs this time! You never know! i didn't expect the Devil Rays to be playing so good...but they are! So, maybe if the Indians can't do anything....well, maybe, just maybe, the Browns will! Also, people have been questioning Wedgie. I know he hired the hitting coach, Derek Shelton....but the guy isn't doing his job!!!! The Indians' bats are so cold! I can feel it in my own living room while watching the game!!!